PointsPrizes Upgrades to New Platform

Published 3 years ago by PointsPrizes

Today our developers finally completed a long-awaited upgrade to the PointsPrizes platform, and I'm sure many users have questions about the changes that have taken place. Hopefully I can answer most of them here in this blog post.

Points Conversion

When existing users log into the new platform, they may notice a change in their points balance. This might be confusing for some, so I'll explain our reasoning behind it.

When we founded PointsPrizes in 2017, the odd decision was made that 3000 points were required to earn a $20 reward. While this seemed to make sense with our architecture at the time, it was hard for users to understand - a departure from the rest of the industry.

Today, we've moved to requiring 2000 points to earn a $20 reward. This makes it much easier for users to understand.

To facilitate this change, the existing point balances have been reduced by a third.

Instant payouts

One of the main complaints about the old PointsPrizes platform was the delay in delivering rewards. Users had to wait for a claim to be approved and then delivered.

The new platform offers instant payouts. Choose your free gift card and have it delivered directly to your email address, no fuss.

Lower minimum payout

The new rewards system works based on merchandise availability. Some of our free gift cards have a value as low as 200 points, which makes the payout much faster.

Occasionally we treat our users to super cheap gift codes, so it's worth checking back regularly to see what's available!

More rewards

We have added more rewards and will be adding more rewards in the near future.

Referral Program

We are changing the URLs of our referral links to make them more unobtrusive and user-friendly. Don't worry though, because your existing referral links will continue to work as before.


We've simplified the PointsPrizes user interface so account passwords are no longer necessary.

PointsPrizes Upgrades to New Platform

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